About Us

Ultima is a company specializing in SOULUTIONS FOR AUTOMATION.

We are driven by the truth that every machine is a part of a greater system.

We ground our offer on 3 basic pillars.

1. First we offer a range of CNC milling and cutting machines of different size, functionality and capacity, for industrial purposes.

2. Second, we give an access to different software solutions “ready from the shelf” as tailor made software
to connect CNC profile machining centers to ERP, CAD or different construction software. We implement barcode technology to reduce handling time.

3. Third, all this we accomplish with high quality HM tools for fast and longterm machining of aluminium and steel.

We cooperate with many respectable companies from around the Europe. The most vital ones are: BDM Germany GmbH, Italmac s.r.l., Uni_link BVBA Belgium.
Thanks to this cooperation, we may offer to our clients a wide range of machines, starting from simple one function centers, ending up with fully automated bar feed centers. And follow with anything that is necessary to build effective production line.

In the centre of our tender there is Ultima. An exceptional concept that we exclusively offer to our clients in Poland, south and east Europe.
Next to it, we proudly present ZEUS, robust and widely customized machining center for industrial purposes. A machining center that has many satisfied users in south europe and now is available for polish manufacturers.
We invite You to learn more about the offer.