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Cutting station SZ-AF


Fully automated barfeed cutting center for serial proceeding of aluminium profiles. Equipped with an infeed table and outfeed magazine in different versions.


SZ-AF is a solution for mass production because of its enormous high efficiency.


This efficiency is achieved amongs others thanks to: automatic infeed magazine, servo-adjustable rests, independent transport to cutting module, belt conveyor at the outfeed position.


Opis produktu

Bar feed cutting center with capacity of </= 1500 pieces per 8 hour shift, (one operator). Continuous swivel of cutting blade: 45° – 135° (optionally: 30° – 150°)


Aluminium, PVC


Cutting of aluminium profiles for the fabrication of products such as windows, doors, partition wall panels, frames for kitchen drawer fronts (with wood veneer)


  • Infeed magazine with adjustable rests
  • Automatically adjustable profile guide system,
    hence highest level of flexibility to respond
    to varieties of profile dimension
  • Positions actuated by servo motors;
  • Clamps with vulcanized protective surface;
  • integrated compressed air jet bores prevent metal swarf in the clamping zone;Profile width detection optionally available
  • Clamps come with integrated measuring system;
  • Cutting unit can continuously swivel, ±45° (Optional: ±30°)
  • Belt conveyor at the outfeed position;
  • Outfeed magazine in different modes;
  • Acoustic hood;
  • A 3-axis machining unit can optionally be retrofit
    (modular concept);

Profile measurements

  • Maximum lenght of bar: 7500 mm
  • Maximum width: 250 mm
  • Maximum height: 300 mm