Ultima CNC_2

Cutting and machining center ULTIMA STEEL

ULTIMA STEEL is a pure bar feed center concept.

ULTIMA STEEL consists of two stations. A 4-axis gantry mobile machining center for pieces or bars up to 7 500 mm, which is connected with a stationary cutting station equipped with a swivelling saw.

Cutting station in ULTIMA STEEL model is equipped with 11 kW motor with 33-198 min-1 rotational speed. Blade diameter – Ø 500 mm.

The principle of production cycle where machining of whole bar comes first and only afterwards cutting operations take place assures best possible time optimazation.

Opis produktu

Cutting and machining center exclusively for profiles made of steel


Main assets:

  • AUTOMATION – comprehensive machining and cutting operational cycles were connected and for their full efficiency require only 1 operator;
  • FLEXIBILITY – Ultima may work not only as an automation line but also as separated machining center (multi-piece functionality) or independent cutting station (1+1=3);
  • RETURN OF INVESTMENT – thanks to its efficiency, which is comparable with other bar feed centers, and price combined with it, Ultima delivers highest possible return of investment;
  • EFFICIENCY – machining of high dimension profiles 250 (h) / 200 (w);


  • Comprehensive machining of the 4 faces of profile bars;
  • 7,5 kW (S1) spindle 0-24 000 rpm;
  • SK30 toolholder;
  • Automatic tool magazine for up to 12 tools;
  • Maximum cutter dimensions: Ø 20 x 160 mm;
  • Axis speed Y and Z: 30 m/min, axis speed X: 60 m/min;
  • Network-capable 4-axis CNC machining center with IPC control;
  • CNC-controlled, automatic bar positioning;
  • Saw unit with infinitely variable servo-driven swiveling (45° – 90° – 130°) with automatic lateral and vertical clamping;
  • Saw blade Ø 500 mm;
  • Cutting station equipped with 11 kW motor with 33-198 min-1 rotational speed;
  • The operator enters commands via the user-friendly, system-independent and powerful Uni_Link „OnBoard“ software. It’s compatible with the majority of profile systems, CAD solutions, and other machines involved in the manufacturing process;

Technical specifications:

  • 7 500 mm (l.)
  • 150 mm (h.)
  • 100 mm (w.)