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Automatic line ALBZ-100

ALBZ-100 is probably the most sophisticated and efficient production line for aluminium profiles. It is a bar feed center in full meaning, equipped with an infeed table and outfeed magazine in various options.

The ALBZ-100 pass through processing centre is synonymous with economic processing of aluminium profiles.
Cutting at various angles, as well as drilling and milling from all sides, offer maximum processing flexibility.
The operator can deposit unworked profile lengths with max. dimensions of 250 x 300 x 7,500 mm on the loading
magazine, and take off the processed profiles cut to length at the discharge belt conveyor. Avoiding tooling times,
easy operation, and a robust design all guarantee maximum operating safety and availability for efficient production.

Product Description

Fully automatic cutting and processing centre for aluminium profiles.


Main assets:

  • EFFICIENCY – processing and cutting of aluminium profiles, fully automated run-through process, one operator, no handling time loss;
  • CAPACITY – max. cross-section W 250 mm x H 300 mm;
  • CLAMPING SYSTEM – profile clamps that automatically adapt to the profile contour or the profile underside;
  • CUSTOMIZATIONS – one may add many additional options like: end finishing, cut sections marking, cycle cutting etc.


  • Large variety of machining options by a wide range of cutting angles, drilling and milling at all faces of the profile, including profile ends
  • Up to 12 (L: 14) machining units are assigned to the 4 faces of the profile
  • Blade Ø: 550 mm, 750 mm (L)
  • Servo-driven cutting angles from 45° to 135°
  • Cutting speed: 80 m/s
  • Profile is positioned by servo-gripper, positioning speed: 120 m/min
  • Travel of the machining module in x, y, and z by servo-driven ball screws;
  • Automatic position correction via profile height and (optionally) profile width measuring
  • Profile-geometry driven supports adapt automatically to virtually all available profile systems
  • Network-capable Beckhoff TwinCAT Windows-IPC-control with remote maintenance functionality


Profile measurements

7 500 mm (l.)
300 mm (h.)
250 mm (w.)

Width 200 x Height 250 x Length 7.500 mm